Take a minute and think about what the average product volume a new customer calls your shop looking for.

What are your screen print minimums? 48, 72, 144, 288? Using my most recent 2 auto, 1 manual shop as an example, we offered a 72 piece minimum. 72 pieces was not a money making quantity, it was a desperation quantity. It was at the cusp of losing money but possibly enticing enough to service new customers.  Even 72 pieces was often to high a volume for most new customer calls. As a business we had to make a decision, service the customer looking for lower minimums or pass them along.

Take another second and try to put a number on how many potential new customers call your shop that you cannot service, or you need to refer to your competition, or you do all the pre-production only to split meager contract pricing margins with a competitor?

The customer is being trained to believe 1 off, custom apparel is as easy to produce as it is to order online, and these customers are the bulk of new business. New customers are more expensive and harder to capture than ever. Don’t let your hard earned marketing dollars go to waste. Service these customers that call, build with them, sell them other products. Develop a relationship and rapport with those customers. Give them incentives and discounts for referrals. Find out if their work needs product, and who else in their lives need custom apparel.

Custom apparel is more popular than ever, mainly because garment decoration companies now have the capability to produce low minimum custom products to the masses. The population is demanding low volume customization. The question is, can your shop provide?

The answer should be a resounding YES! Prior to the F2000, DTG was notoriously unreliable and nearly impossible to generate a profit with white ink systems. The F2000 has changed that with ease of use, reliability, ease of maintenance, portability, and versatility. The Epson F2000 is the single most important piece of equipment to hit the garment decoration industry since the automatic press.

With the Epson F2000 you can now have confidence you can service these calls. In fact you can advertise on your website and through your marketing channels that you have no minimums! NO MINIMUMS? Can you imagine how the bulk of your captured demographic would react to a site that offers the freedom to order as many or as little product as they want right in their home town?

The Epson F2000 opens up the bulk of prospects that need custom apparel services but can’t order high volumes: restaurants, construction companies, lawn care, mom and pop shops, breweries, car clubs, baseball teams, birthday parties, graduations, the list goes on. The majority of these companies need 5-10-30 pieces and have trouble finding custom product at reasonable prices. Now you can deliver fully customizable, full color art and absolutely dominate your local market, all while developing relationships and brand loyalty.

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Happy Printing,

John R. LeDrew • DTG Director • Melco International

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