Most businesses follow the standard checklist for marketing and advertising their services. Set up a website, work on your google ranking and SEO, advertise online and traditional media, etc.

If you own an Epson F2000 you can increase your product sales with little to no advertising budget. Create a website, do free SEO work, register your business, yes, yes, and yes, but also do the following 3 free things that are only possible with the Epson F2000.

1. Let your competitors market for you. Most off the street customers today are not in the 144-5,000 piece range. Most new customers are 5,10,30-ish piece range. If your competitors do not have the Epson F2000, they are struggling to service lower volume customers. Find your local garment decorators. Introduce yourself and introduce your F2000 and its capabilities. Sell your competitors the best DTG printer services on the market. Create contract pricing enticing enough where your competitors will send you THEIR expensive and hard earned prospects. No technology on the market is better suited for consistent, reliable, quality, low volume runs. Capitalize on this. When your competitors have to turn their prospects away, have them turn those prospects over to YOU!

2. The F2000 is portable. Take your printer to events and sell custom shirts on the spot. Prior to the Epson F2000, portable DTG decoration was nearly impossible. Reliability and maintenance issues prevented the printer from ever leaving the climate controlled, “quarantine room” at the shop. The F2000 is reliable, durable, easy to maintain, and because of that, it is PORTABLE. Search your local area for basketball, baseball, volleyball, golf, swimming and other events. Take your printer to fairs, festivals and car shows. You can simply create a few templates unique to each event, take pictures of customers as a team, individuals, or in front of their cars. Upload photos…and Print. Think outside of the shop!

3. Maximize efficiency. A monumental advantage to the F2000 is its reliability. You can rest assured if you follow your simple and scheduled maintenance, your printer will work when you expect it to. No printer even comes close to the durability of the Epson F2000. Most all of the other printers are modified paper printers that use paper print heads. They are ”Frankenstein” machines, pieced together to do something they were never intended to do, and because of that, they have inherent reliability issues. The Epson was built from the ground up specifically for textile printing. The print head, internal ink circulation, fabric wiper, suction caps, air filters, ink, everything on this printer is made for textile printing and as a result, it is the most reliable and user friendly DTG printer to ever come to market. Now because this printer is so reliable and user friendly, you can anticipate your maintenance costs. You know how much you will spend each month on maintenance. All of your supplies are available at shopmelco.com at a discounted rate.

Pretreat: Epson pretreat and Epson ink receive the highest durability rating for printed shirts; Ultra Chrome Inks compare to, or exceed, screen printed durability.

Learn to pretreat efficiently. Think of the pretreat process as an additional step in unpacking and preparing goods to print. Typically, once you receive an order of shirts, you unpack, count, check against the order, size, and stack. Do those things with DTG, but add a step. Once you have checked your shirts, pretreat your goods (manually or with a machine) and hang them to dry. You can let those shirts sit for days, weeks or months, and they will print great when you are ready. If you need to print the job right away, develop a cycle where you are pretreating shirts, printing, and curing in a continuous circle, just be sure your pretreated shirts are 100% dry before you print. If you are pretreating faster than printing for example, set shirts, pretreat side to pretreat side, and stack.

Test print shirts and locations before you use customers’ goods. Use the Melco Garment Creator grid to ensure placement is correct before you test print. You can watch a video of how easy and efficient this process is on melcoworld.com. With the F2000, once you have your settings the way you want, and your test print comes out the way you like, you can replicate the print 100’s of times over. There is no fear of banding, or ink running out in the middle of the job, or color falling off, or white under base disappearing. The Epson is consistent and reliable. Test a shirt, keep your settings, and print until the cows come home.

At Melco we have a professional responsibility to create as much value for our customers as possible. Our goal is to provide you the best available tools and education to ensure success in your business. At shopmelco.com we have compiled the industry’s leading DTG accessories and are selling them to you at a discounted rate. We are continually posting articles and videos on how to be more successful with your Epson DTG business. Epson provides the industry’s best warranty and tech support. Melco provides the industry’s best support in helping our customers understand how the Epson F2000 will ensure success with their business. Think of Melco as your resource for success.

Recap for the 3 proven ways to expand your Direct To Garment sales only with the Epson F2000.

1. Let your competitors market for you.
2. The F2000 is portable.
3. Maximize efficiency.

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Happy Printing,

John LeDrew • DTG Director • Melco International

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