I explained in the article “Best Type Of Shirt When Using White Ink And Why” that some shirts will yield less than desirable results when using white ink. I highly suggest you read that article if you are printing a lot of dark garments.

I came across a great comparison of the same print, on two different shirt, displaying visibly different results.

Both shirts used Epson 60-40 mix pretreat and the exact same Garment Creator Variables.

Here are the results on a Port and Company.

John LeDrew Epson F2000

same print variables and pretreat on a port and company

Here are the results on a Hanes Beefy-T.

John LeDrew Epson F2000

same print variables on a hanes beefy-t

It is clear the Hanes allowed for a much cleaner brighter print. This is due to the quality of the fabric and the dye. Be sure to test different brands for highest quality print results. I find spectra apparel gives me consistent and beautiful results. You can sign up for an account here, use referral code Melco for insider pricing.
Remember, if you do not see good results when printing white, the problem is most likely one of the following:

  1. Have you aligned your print head and is your platen set to the proper height for the garment you are printing on? See Pg.72 in the Epson Users Guide; this is a critical document, Download here
  2. Are your white nozzles clear? Do a nozzle check, if you are showing a poor white pattern or show no white at all, do the appropriate head cleanings to restore, Pg. 69.
  3. Have you properly pretreated your shirt? Pretreatment is about consistent coverage with the proper mixture, Pg. 26.
  4. What is the quality of the garment you are printing on? Remember budget garments typically yield poor results. The less cotton you have in the garment the more likely the garment will not hold white. This is absolutely true for budget blends but does not necessarily apply to high end blends.  
  5. Do your maintenance; clean around your print head and do a cap cleaning. Watch the videos from Epson here.

If you do not have the Melco made Set Up and Maintenance Guides, please email me for a copy.

Happy Printing,

John LeDrew • DTG Director • Melco International 

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