I have compiled a list of the best and least expensive 3rd party accessories for your Epson SureColor F2000. You are welcome you happy F2000 user you.


Matfere Bourgeat 320201 Exopap Baking Paper. This paper is an inexpensive and superior option for curing printed shirts and wet pretreat. This is what Epson uses. 

Bagcraft Papercon Parchment Paper. Less expensive alternative. 

Spray Bottle ideal for light application of pre-treat solution.

Replacement Pre-Treat Rollers

Rolling Cabinet Works as Printer Table


Gladiator Adjustable Printer Table

10MM Poly Replacement Tubing


4 thoughts on “Best 3rd Party Accessories for The Epson F2000

    • Grams/per inch or total grams of pretreat applied on the shirt is one way to check for proper volume. It is not a technique I use often though I hear it works well. I recall 5-7 grams on a 16×20 spray is the value. I suggest spraying with the proper concentrate, and then using a paint brush to smooth and ensure the surface is completely covered. It’s all about consistent coverage.

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