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Brother VS Epson

It’s no secret the Epson is changing the game in Direct to Garment Printing. Many reps from other DTG brands (like Brother and AnaJet) are jumping ship and looking for a place in the Epson market.

Here are some comparison points a recently converted Brother rep shared with me via email.

  1. Way less expensive – A Brother GT361 is $22k + expensive heat press (typically $4k) + pre treat machine ($4k) = ~ $30k for Brother system.
  2. Can use your existing heat press with Epson – the Brother pretreat process NEEDS a high pressure press (80lbs is spec).
  3. Can use a paint roller for pre treat with Epson – Brother pre treat application is a critical step. The Epson pre treat is WAY more forgiving.
  4. White ink shelf life is 2 years with Epson– Brother is 3-6 months
  5. Less maintenance, the machine can sit for a week (per Melco’s maintenance guide) – Brother needs a nozzle check etc. every couple days.
  6. Better color gamut.
  7. Ink durability.
  8. Easier to use and also maintain.
  9. Mac and PC.
  10. With a purchase price of $14,995, typical ROI is easily sub 12 months OR if financing it takes an average of about 4-5 dark shirts per day to cover the lease.
  11. Epson does not require white ink tube flushes at all meaning very little wasted ink. Brother requires flushes every 2 weeks requiring significant amounts of wasted ink.

Winner? Epson!

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