Follow These 3 Procedures To Ensure The Highest Quality Prints On Your Epson F2000.

1: Your printer is not producing an acceptable nozzle check. 

A nozzle check and appropriate head cleaning are mandatory every time you start your printer. YOU MUST FOLLOW THIS PROCESS AT THE END OF EVERY PRINT DAY!

1. Nozzle Check. Maintenance>Nozzle Check.
• Set your platen to position P or 1.
• Do Nozzle Check
• Assess the health of your print head. Are there full patterns or broken patterns?Nozzles Image 1

2. Head Cap Cleaning. Maintenance>Head Cap Cleaning.
• You must have a clean Head Cap before you do step 3 (head cleaning).
• Watch this video on how to do a Cap Cleaning. http://bcove.me/t03x36df                                                               • Epson says every week, I say at the end of every print day!

3. Head Cleaning. Maintenance>Head Cap.
• Your Nozzle Check will determine which heads need cleaned.
• Do a light head cleaning on the channels that need cleaned first.
• If heavier cleanings are needed, do medium or heavy.
• The longer your printer sits without doing a nozzle check and head cleaning the heavier your cleanings will need to be.
It is imperative you follow these steps at least every 3 days. Always clean the head cap and rinse the spit tray filter at end of every print day.

2: You must properly pretreat your garment. 

Pretreating your garment is a simple process but must be done properly to ensure white ink bonds well with the fabric. The key to pretreat is to ensure complete coverage of the area you intend to print. There can be no gaps or dry areas at all, you must have consistent complete coverage. And be sure to isolate the single layer of fabric where you intend to print. Watch this video from Epson on “How to Pretreat”.

Comparing Pretreat

3: You are using a blank that does not accept white ink well.

This is the main culprit. People always call and ask why they can’t get good results on a Gildan or a Comfort Colors or a Hanes 50-50 blend. Budget quality blanks will yield poor quality results.

Budget blanks use poor quality thick, open, yarn; ink does not stick well to this type of yarn.

Budget blanks use poor quality dye, that once cured under the heat press, will migrate through he print dulling and muting the colors.

The solution is to use ring spun, or 30 single, higher quality materials. Look for 100% cotton or blends of higher quality materials. Higher quality blanks have better yarn and better dye and yield a far better result. Hanes Nano, Spectra, Fruit Of the Loom Soft Spun, Alternative Apparel, Next Level, Blanks Plus, American Apparel, are a few options.

My favorite blanks are Hanes Nano or Spectra Apparel. Sign up here for a wholesale account. Use Referral Code MELCO for discounted pricing.

Epson F2000

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Epson F2000 Melco John LeDrew

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