A new accessory kit, along with firmware, will be made available to end-users that significantly reduces the cost of the White Ink Tube Flushing monthly maintenance routine. What once was a #1 maintenance cost concern has been addressed with this new 2-minute daily routine.

How the New Daily Routine Will Work
1. When powering down, a reminder to select the tube wash function will occur.
2. Open the printer top cover and press the assigned menu button to activate the pump assembly.
3. Place 10 ml of the new cleaning fluid directly in the printer’s suction cap.
4. Press the power button again to turn off the printer.

Benefits of the Daily Routine
– The daily maintenance does not consume white ink and it does not require cleaning cartridges.
– Reliability of the four white ink channels are maintained.
– Overall, lowers maintenance-related consumables cost.

This new routine will be made available to current and future SC-F2000 owners. End users will have the option between the existing White Ink Tube Flushing monthly maintenance routine or the new lower cost daily routine.

The tube cleaning kit is available on shopmelco.com 

Epson F2000 John LeDrew

Tube Cleaning Components

John LeDrew is the DTG Director for Melco International.

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