There are all sorts of creative options you can do with your Epson F2000. As garment decorators we are creative people, let’s explore this creativity with how to us screen print transfer foil on a shirt printed from the Epson SC-F2000. The foil I used.

Screen print transfer foil works similar on Epson UltraChrome ink as it does on plastisol.

Here is how to apply:

Just like with plastisol foil, it’s best to use a similar color under ink underbase as the foil. In this case I want to transfer foil to the red M.

Epson F2000 John LeDrew

Standard print with red ink M where foil will transfer

Cut the foil to fit the area you want to transfer. IMPORTANT: Lay foil on wet ink color side up.

Epson F2000 John LeDrew

Lay foil on image area while the ink is still wet.

Apply a quick hover of the heat press to flash cure the ink around the foil so ink does not distort with extreme pressure.

Epson F2000 John LeDrew

Hover press to quick dry ink.

Apply heavy pressure on press for 75 seconds at 320 degrees.

Epson F2000 John LeDrew

Apply heavy pressure to transfer foil to print area.

Be sure the shirt is completely cool before removing foil. You will want to experiment with heat press temperature and cure times for the best possible transfer.

Epson F2000 John LeDrew

Foil removed from cool shirt.

Experiment with different colors and designs. Add this quick, easy, and inexpensive option to your services and charge a premium.

Epson F2000 John LeDrew

Email me with questions.

Happy Printing,

John R. LeDrew • DTG Director • Melco International

6 thoughts on “Transfer Foil Epson F2000 & F2100 Print

      • We have a F2100 and just ordered some rolls from the link you provided to try this out. I’ll try to remember to come back and comment and let you know how it worked out for us. Thanks for presenting this option for us to explore!

      • Absolutely and feel free to give me a shout with questions/details. I have found after more testing that the foil will begin to fade after about 20+ washes. I believe the solution will be to cure for an additional 25 seconds, with a little pressure, once you peel the foil.

  1. I haven’t gotten the hang of it yet. When I pull the foil off it doesn’t come off cleanly and gives a more distressed/patchy look. This could work for some items if advertised that way, but not for solid foil.

    I’ve tried increasing pretreat solution, printing higher quality from the start with more passes, doing higher pressure on the heat press and the results are consistently sub-par. I think I’m going to try to print the design 1 time on high speed with just white and then print again high quality and see if that does it.

    About how long do you let the foil cool when you do this process? Maybe I’m just too impatient (I’ve been doing around 3 minutes cooling time).

    • Could be the foil. I ordered mine from midwest screen supply, standard screen print foil. There are a number of brands, and I wish I could tell you what I used. I let the foil cool until cold basically. I definitely had a number of great results however I definitely had a number of samples that did not stick well at all. I’ll upload a sample of my best results to the article. Also, feel free to email anytime.

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