No More White Ink Tube Flush For The Epson F2000. Head/Suction Cap Tube Washing Instead.

If you are running the white ink tube flush every 4-6 weeks, the new firmware update eliminates the need for the white ink tube flush in favor of washing the head/suction cap tubes. This feature eliminates the need for the monthly white ink tube wash.

Epson has found that the tubes connected to the head cap have been clogging. If you have clogged head cap tubes when your printer does a head cleaning the effectiveness is limited. Keeping clean head cap tubes is the best way to keep your print head happy. Follow the instructions below on how update your firmware and set up the head cap tube washing function.

Follow the instructions below and watch this video on how the tube washing is done.

Update Your Firmware:

Go to Epson.com/support/f2000 and download the newest version of the Epson Firmware. Epson18164, Firmware file CL01608190.fpg, version CL022G8, 1.02,5000

John LeDrew Epson F2000

Updated Firmware Epson F2000

Once downloaded go to the LFP Remote Panel you have already downloaded when you initially downloaded your drivers. If you have not downloaded the LFP Remote Panel you can download from Epson.com/support/f2000

From here ensure you have the correct version of firmware selected and run update. NOTE: If you are a few versions of firmware behind, your printer will default to downloading the previous versions first, you may need to do a few updates until you have the newest version. You will know when you have the newest version when you see the commands below.

Printer Function, Updated Menu:

With the new version of firmware updated go to Menu > Printer Setup > Tube Washing Setup. If you do not see this function, the new version of firmware is not installed.

Epson F2000 John LeDrew

Printer Setup > Tube Washing Setup

Click on Tube Washing Setup and check Eco Mode.

Epson F2000 John LeDrew

Eco Mode for daily tube washings

Here the command will prompt you that a tube washing is needed before you turn off your printer.

Epson F2000 John LeDrew

Clean Head Tubes before powering off your printer

Purchase Tube Cleaning Kit:

You will need to purchase the new Tube Washing Cleaning Kit available from Shopmelco.com.

Epson F2000 John LeDrew

Epson F2000 Tube Cleaning Kit

Epson F2000 John LeDrew

Epson F2000 Tube Cleaning Kit

How To Do Tube Washing:

Go to Menu > Maintenance > Tube Washing.

Epson F2000 John LeDrew

Your printer will then prompt you to open cover and initiate tube washing.

From here you will use 10ml of solution and fill the head cap and initiate the pump until all 10ml have been sucked through the head cap. IMPORTANT: if the holes on either end of your head cap are clogged you must unclog with a small paperclip or something similar.

Epson F2000 John LeDrew

Epson F2000 John LeDrew

Initiate pump

Epson F2000 John LeDrew

Initiate pump. You may need to do this twice to ensure all 10ml of solution is used up.

Epson F2000 John LeDrew

Use all 10ml of solution then close the cover.

Be sure to keep the rest of your head cap clean and you’re now good to go.

Email me with questions.

Happy Printing,

John R. LeDrew • DTG Director • Melco International

4 thoughts on “Head/Suction Cap Tube Washing Update – Epson F2000

  1. Hey John, we had a service tech here recently because of the clogging, I assume he upgraded the machine for the tube washing. Now that it prompted us to add the solvent, it seems to want to drink more, keeps telling us to add more, the lines are unclogged and the solvent seems to be running through the tubes okay, so far I think I dropped over 60 ml’s into the machine.. It wont let us out of this prompt tool, any ideas?

    • Hi David, Running the tube washing is definitely recommended. If you see solution flowing through the line, you are correct it means the lines are unclogged, which is a good thing. On average the machine should only need to take 10ml per day. If the printer is prompting you to wash frequently, you can bypass. Just make sure you do at least 1 cleaning with 10ml before shutdown.

  2. I think my head cap is plugged. It is not sucking the tube washing down. I keep this very clean but how do you prevent small particles plugging up those tiny holes?

    • Hi Angie,

      Sorry for the delayed reply. The best option is to clean often and ensure you keep flushing cleaning fluid down the cap with the daily tube washing. Fortunately if there is a clog you can replace the unit pretty easily. Purchase here

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