Epson has released the newest version of Garment Creator, version 2.0.

Version 2.0 is the newest Garment Creator for both the F2100 and the F2000.

New features include:

  • Add text tool, which allows you to add text directly to your placed art. GC reads your font book so all downloaded fonts will apply.
  • Hot folders
  • Updated preset ink levels
  • Other updates I am not 100% aware of but will update as I know more

    Click to download Garment Creator 2.0


8 thoughts on “Garment Creator 2.0 for F2100 and F2000

  1. Just started using 2.0 and it is a 100% improvement. I love the new feature of a double print of white ink Getting a better white coverage. What are Hot Folders?

    • Glad to hear it. Hot folders work on the PC version of GC only. They, allow for spooling of multiple images that are set to the print settings you want. You can then drag the pre-spooled images into the grid for a quick print.

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